21st Century Grama

Have you ever been to a movie theatre and heard the uncontrolled wailing of a young baby…? I have.

Have you ever been in a store and heard the one loud child screaming “Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama…!!!” Tugging at Mama’s sleeve while Mama stands there obliviously chatting with a friend….? I have.
Guess what I haven’t had to endure? The same scenario with my granddaughter. She’s not even two yet, but miraculously she has not yet made Grandma and Papa deal with this kind of behavior. Because while I won’t say she is an angel, she is. While I won’t say she has perfect comprehension of the manners Grandma is trying to instill in her, she has.
For some reason or another, God has gifted me, the Arthritic/joint-replaced/slow-as-molasses Grandma with the easiest baby ever born. Although we do two 8-hour days, they are breezy and fun. In between we are blessed with visits ranging from hourly to daily to weekly; the past decade we were lucky to see our daughter  5 times a year. Now she lives 5 minutes away and, well, it’s the greatest. Why is she living so close? That’s a story for another day.

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