Surviving My Mother’s Motherhood

You’re Really Not Alone

There’s something very lonely about surviving child abuse. A beating from my mother wasn’t just physical, it was emotional and all-consuming. In my memories now, it was a hell on earth that I could only dream of escaping one day. A torment ever-present in my mind that would not let me breathe, grow, blossom, to become, well, Me. I think now in my 50’s the rest of Me is surfacing. I can’t explain how this is happening, or what is influencing it, but nevertheless I find myself stronger than ever before. I mean to tell you, I am a very spiritual person. Truthfully, I don’t really know what that term is supposed to imply but if this is it: ‘I believe in God’ then why not just say that? Well, I am a believer. In fact I am a messianic Jew. I’ll let you google…

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